Rachael Warke (Grandma Rachael)

Hi, I'm your Grandma and welcome to my page on Phoenix Radio 1208.

If this is your first visit to this page, you are probably only now discovering that you have a Grandma on the radio! Because although my name is Rachael Warke, most people who listen to my shows just call me Grandma. My original intent was to change what it means to be a Grandma! People have funny ideas about grandmas. We have a terrible reputation for being old and cranky and listening to awful music! Well, I'm just not that kind of Grandma! Like most of the boomers, I grew up listening to the radio, and was a huge fan of the British invasion bands, Motown acts, and my beloved folk music! And that was just the beginning! So, I want to share my music with you, and hopefully, you'll share what you love with the other listeners and me, through requests.


Contacting Me

In some ways, of course, grandmas are still the same as they always were! You know your grandma needs to hear from you! There are several ways you can do this!

  • Twitter tends to be a main channel of communication during shows. It's almost like having you right there, enjoying a conversation! Be sure to put my name in your tweets, so I'll see them! You can follow me on Twitter using the name @RachaelWarke (give me a shout if I'm not following you, and I'll fix that in an instant!) or by activating this link.
  • Letters are so nice! I'll even write you back! Please send me a letter to rachael@phoenixradio1208.com
  • Skype: It would be too cool to hear what you sound like! On Grandma's Tea Party, you are invited to call in and let us all know what's on your mind. Add GrandmasTeaParty to your skype contacts, and give us a call!

However you do it, I would love to hear from you and play your requests, if I have them! Because above all things, Grandmas delight in spoiling those they love! And remember, your Grandma loves you!