Flashback Gold with Kevin Russell

All about Flashback Gold.

Flashback Gold is broadcast every Tuesday at 7 PM in the UK for two hours and will be familiar to some of you but could be a whole new experience for those listening to me for the first time. The name of my show is a bit of an anomaly but let me assure you, I'm happy to play all kinds of music from different eras and genres - including current music!

The show has a number of regular features each week and your contributions and suggestions are extremely welcome. There are now so many features that it's impossible to include them all. Each week I mix up the features but the Motown Triple Play is guaranteed to be featured in every show.

  • The Beatles - On the first Tuesday in April, August and December, I'll be presenting the Flashback Gold Beatles Spectacular.

    The Beatles had a huge influence on popular music and were trendsetters in the way records were recorded, produced and promoted; so I'll be featuring their music three times a year.

    I'll be playing tracks from the Fab Four and tracks from their vast body of work as solo artists, plus a number of features focusing on their albums, rare mixes and music by artists who influenced the band.

    In December, I'll bring you 'The Beatles All-Request Show' which has become very popular over the last few years. All your Beatles and solo Beatles requests are very welcome.

  • The Motown Triple Play - This feature happened purely by accident but has become a regular part of the show. To put it simply, I play three classic Motown tracks in a row. Do you have three favourite Motown tracks? Then why not let me know and I'll play them for you on the show.
  • The Common Denominator - This is where I play two tracks back to back. The titles have to be exactly the same and can either be two different versions of the same song or two completely different songs with the same title.
  • The A-side B-side - Remember when you got that single home from the record shop and you played it again and again. Eventually, you decided to check out the B-side. The other side never got played on the radio and often you would discover that there was a hidden gem on the flip side of your favourite single. This is where I play both sides of that much loved single.
  • The Miss Hit - Have you often thought that a record that you really like should have been a massive hit, only to have failed miserably and never to be heard again on the radio? Well, here's your chance to suggest one of those songs that really should have made the dizzy heights of the top ten.
    It doesn't matter where you are in the world, if the song didn't make the top 40 in your country, then it wasn't a hit and I'll certainly play it if I can find that great song for you.
  • The Long Track - This is your opportunity to select that long song - you know the one I mean - that album track that is just too long to be played on mainstream radio. If it's longer than five minutes, then it definitely counts.
  • The Occasional Featured Album - Every so often, I'll feature three or four tracks from a particular album. Again, your suggestions for this occasional feature are very welcome...Why did you choose that particular album? Why is it special to you?
  • The One Hit Wonder - This feature is where I play one of those songs where the group or artist had only one hit in the charts. You'll be amazed just how many one hit wonders there are.
  • Flashback New - This is one of the newest features on the show and is where I play a current track that is doing well and getting a lot of airplay on various radio stations up and down the country. Good music is still being produced, so this is an opportunity to play some of those excellent new songs.

For the remainder of the show, I'll be playing some of those not-so-frequently heard tracks that get ignored by all those other stations with tight formats and very limited playlists. In addition, I want to play those wonderful album tracks that just don't get played any more - either because they're too long or the group or artist has simply been forgotten.

Contacting Me

It goes without saying that your requests, comments suggestions and interaction are very welcome, so please feel free to contact me at any time either before, during or after the show:

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