Tea-Time At Terry's with Terry Clasper

All about Tea-Time At Terry's.

Traditionally, Sunday is a time for relaxation and, from a radio point of view, it's become tradition that I spend three hours with you, hopefully helping with that relaxation!

Each Sunday, from 4 PM in the UK, allow me to bring a little delight into your afternoon with music and conversation - you know...radio, how it used to be!

The first part of the show is focused on your requests. Absolutely anything you fancy hearing, give me a shout on Twitter or via E-Mail, tell me the song and I'll do my utmost to find it and give it a spin for you.

Then, in the second part of the show, I find a theme for you to centre songs around. It could be absolutely anything but where the fun lies is in the songs you pick!

So, come share a little afternoon delight with me between 4 and 7 PM in the UK each Sunday; I'd love your company.

Contacting Me

You can contact me at any time and at either of the following addresses:


or Follow Me On Twitter and tweet @TerryClasper

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