Sunday Easy Listening with Kara Ayres

All about Sunday EasyListening.

Over the years, the sunday Easy Listening show has taken a few different forms with a variety of presenters. Now, it's my turn. I'm Kara and I present a number of shows on Phoenix Radio, including Love Changes Everything, In The Doghouse and In The Club. so, I hear you ask, what are you going to do with Sunday Easy Listening?

I'm going to play relaxing music through the decades and non-genre specific; I'm also going to ask for your participation!

Each week I would like, you, the listener, to send me four songs that bring back memories for you. The memories are yours and the music choices are too -, as long as they fit with the mellow relaxing mood of the show. If you would like to verbally tell everyone about your memories and reasons you've chosen the songs, then please send an email to the address below and your preferred method of contact. I'll contact you, record your musical memories and play them halfway through Sunday Easy Listening. The feature, believe it or not, is called Music and Memories!

Your requests are welcome throughout the show with the only criteria being that they need to be mellow and relaxing.

So come along and spend some time with me on Sundays from 7 PM UK (2 PM US Eastern time) on Phoenix Radio; after all, what else should you be doing on a Sunday but relaxing?

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