Harry Mason (The Funky Chicken)

Hi, I'm the Funky Chicken and welcome to my page on Phoenix Radio 1208.

I come from a little town called Radcliffe which is now in Greater Manchester, formerly Lancashire. I have always been a totally blind person and went to various schools for the blind in Liverpool, Manchester and Shrewsbury. I worked for many years as a shorthand typist for such companies as a firm of Chartered Accountants in Radcliffe and for Local Government when I came over the hill to Yorkshire when Chris and I got married in 1973. I then spent most of my time over here working for Nat West both in Doncaster and Leeds. We have two children, Gina and Andrew and four beautiful grandchildren.

I have been involved with radio of one sort or another for about the last 35 years. Most of the time, it has been Hospital Radio and, because I love to listen to and share music with others, it has always been a matter of great satisfaction to me to be able to broadcast to others.


Contacting Me