George Mason

Hi, I'm George and welcome to my page on Phoenix Radio 1208.

Long since retired now, my most recent time behind any microphone was in 2016, latterly as Classical music host. In fact, at my home in California, I am a frequent listener of London's Classic FM. But, for my internet radio show, I rock as best an old man can!

Half-jokingly, I insist I am still exhausted from US local radio and television work which began in 1962. That's when Thad heard me on radio station WILS, in Lansing, Michigan; coincidentally, we met later (in 1965) in a university class in Detroit when Thad recognized my voice from across the room. Then we became apartment-mates until I became part of the US Vietnam build-up.

There was time in the subsequent decades for me to squeeze out an inexcusable variety of radio and television gigs in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio, and in Fresno, California; plus four years in the Army which included 1967 in Vietnam. It was in a non-combat role so I am pleased to say I never had to shoot people in their own country.

I live with my Thai-American wife who is an Intensive Care Unit and credentialed Wound Care registered nurse at a Veterans Administration hospital. We met in 1997 when she was a waitress at a Thai restaurant in Fresno.

Do not ask me about my being a newsman on the WCKY Cincinnati mid-1970s morning show of George Clooney's father, Nick Clooney, or I will go on and on about it!


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