Adrian Picton

Hi, I'm Adrian and welcome to my page on Phoenix Radio 1208.

I've been a presenter on internet radio since the end of 2020 and I live with my wife Sue in the North East of England. Apart from music, I have a keen interest in politics and current affairs and also enjoy walking and messing about with technology.

My parents tried to bring us up on classical music and so I didn't come to know the pop genre until I went away to boarding school in 1971. Before long, though, I got to love the songs I heard on people's radios and soon joined the regular throng around the nearest radio on a Tuesday lunchtime when Johnny Walker counted down the top 30 each week. On my 12th birthday in 1974, my parents gave in and bought me my first radio, an MW/LW/FM radio with the WH Smith brand, which I took everywhere with me.

I love most genre of music from the early 60s up to the early 2000s, especially the 70s; but my particular passion is for disco and soul music. I'm not keen on much modern R & B or rap, though. I have a large vinyl and CD collection, especially twelve inch singles.

My background in broadcasting began with hospital radio in the early 80s and then moving on to student radio when I went to university at the end of that decade. I didn't do any broadcasting after that until 2020 when I started internet radio. I had been listening to it since 2010 and decided it was definitely something I wanted to do but was too busy in my job as a Social Worker to find the time to acquire the equipment and software and learn the necessary skills. Therefore, once I took early retirement I couldn't wait to get broadcasting. I love broadcasting and think it's incredible these days that we have the technology to broadcast to people around the world from our own homes. Now that mainstream radio has become so mass-produced, playing only the biggest hits and with very little audience participation, there has never been a time when what we do is more needed. I love finding the songs people thought they had forgotten about or have just not heard in ages. I also like the way we can engage with our audiance in an intimate way, like good old local radio used to be, and social media helps us do that even better.



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