The WayBack Cafe with Shane Jackson

All about The WayBack Cafe.

You're invited to join me in The WayBack Cafe each Friday at 4 PM (UK time) for two hours of nostalgia. I'll play anything that can be considered to be way back, to someone. That means that I'll play most stuff up to the 90s. I'm not big into modern music so you won't hear much of that.

There will be a couple of features:

  • One and One - I'll play something known and, hopefully, unknown by one artist or group.
  • Three of A Kind - I'll play three of something. This can be very much varied, such as three songs by one group or artist, three songs from the same album, three songs of the same genre and so on.

Requests are welcome and I thank you in advance for those.

Contacting Me

You can contact me in either of the following ways:

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