The Tulip Garden with Monique (The Crazy Dutchy)

All about The Tulip Garden.

On Wednesdays from 2 to 5 PM UK time, I will open the gates and invite you to The Tulip Garden. During those three hours, you can enjoy a wide variety of music from the 60's up to today. I will introduce you to some music from the Netherlands or other European countries which you may not have heard before and which I hope you will like. Most weeks, I will also feature an artist or focus on a theme of some kind.

I have several features for you to enjoy which I will mix up to keep things interesting; some examples are:

  • The Titles Game - figure out the word I'm looking for from an audio puzzle and suggest a song that has this word in its title.
  • Hi Five - songs of five decades.
  • Tripple Play - taking you back to a particular Dutch top 40 chart from the past and playing three songs from it.
  • Different Languages - a few songs in any language other than English - sometimes by quite well known artists.

Each year in May, I will have several Eurovision features as I feel Eurovision is really a cool thing and could, and should, really be about the music and a cultural discovery.

To top this off, I love playing requests and chatting with everyone, so send it all my way and let's have a good time together!

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