The Tripwire with Chris West

All about The Tripwire.

When it comes to listening to music, it's often very easy for us to get set in our ways. We all have our favourite records, those artists who have been our travelling companions through life. However, there's new music out there, being made every day by people who you'd fall in love with, if you only heard them! On The Tripwire every Tuesday (at 10 AM UK time), we spend three hours on a journey of discovery together! There's so much great music being made all over the world and each week I'll share the latest and greatest tracks from artists who simply must be played! I'm blessed to be part of a wonderful community of independent musicians and they're always telling me about their friends or, perhaps, those peers are just butting in where they are most definitely wanted! Whether you like cutting edge alternative sounds or the most beautiful folk melodies, you'll walk away with a new favourite every Tuesday if you join me on The Tripwire.

If you're an artist or band and would like me to take a listen to your music, I'd love to hear from you, so please reach out by tweeting or E-Mailing one of the addresses below.

Contacting Me

Listener interaction is what really makes the show work, so please contact me during the show with requests for whatever you fancy hearing, any comments about the music or just to let me know you are listening. You can either:

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