The TGI Friday Request Train with Erin Edgar

All about The TGI Friday Request Train.

When Listeners Take Control!

My name is Erin and I'm coming to you every Friday beginning at 9 PM UK time to bring you two hours of listener requests to celebrate the weekend.

It's your time, as a listener, to drive the show train. That's right, the show is dependent on listener requests and will go wherever listeners direct it. If you listen and make a request, you not only hear your song played on the show, but you get a ticket into the first-class compartment. This entitles you to sit in the nice comfortable seats and talk to other passengers. If you simply listen and do not make a request, you are stuck in cargo with the luggage!

Contacting Me

It goes without saying that I really depend on listener requests to create content for the show. To make requests and get involved, you may contact me in one of the following ways.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and to your requests on the TGI Friday Request Train. All aboard!

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