Sabrina's Selection Box with Sabrina McKiernan

All about Sabrina's Selection Box.

Two things you've got to have in your life, music and chocolate! And who says you can only have a selection box at Christmas or eat Chocolate around Christmas and Easter time? That's why I'm offering you a selection box of music!

Welcome to Sabrina's Selection Box which will air each Wednesday at 1 PM in the UK (8 AM US eastern) - a show of a wide variety of music, with favourites that will just jump right out at you! That sound you want to hear more of; containing the album review where I promote a particular album while profiling an artist or group.

So much music has, and still is, coming out of Ireland that I am very happy to be able to showcase this with my double-Irish feature which will be in the second hour of the show.

What will complete my show, though, is your interaction and your requests.

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