In The DogHouse with Kara Ayres

All about In The DogHouse.

You can find yourself In The DogHouse every Monday from 2 PM in the UK (that's 9 AM on the American east coast).

As well as three hours of great music, there will also be the following features:

  • A Walk in the Park - you won't get away from trivia that easy as there will be questions littered throughout the show.
  • In the Doghouse - when you can nominate someone to be put there and dedicate a song to them.
  • The Waggy Tail - when you can choose a song which makes you happy.
  • The Triple-Decade Triple-Decker - when three songs from three different decades are played.

So, if you like quizzes and good music, why not join me In The Doghouse, exclusive to The Phoenix.

Contacting Me

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