Monique (The Crazy Dutchy)

Hi, my name is Monique, the Crazy Dutchy, and welcome to my page on Phoenix Radio 1208.

I live in a lovely apartment in Southern Netherlands together with my Shih Tzu doggy Cindy. I was born in november 1975, and music has always been my hobby and my passion. As a young girl I sang in a local childrens choir and was frequently asked to sing solos in church. With my mother coming from the Netherlands and my father from Germany, I was introduced to all kinds of music they liked, from the Kelly Family to Jim Reeves, to Julio Iglesias and German Schlager music, some I liked more than others.

I didn't get into pop music until 1989 when my sister made me come watch the Dutch top 40 on the television with her, and I was hooked. I spent many hours listening to the radio and getting to know the music from then and from earlier times. I always had a casette recorder at hand for the songs I liked. Music from 1989 and the 90's will always be a special interest to me, as that was the music I grew up with as I went to school and finally started living on my own.

In those days I wondered what it would be like to present my own radio show, I had no clue that was one day going to be a reality! I've been presenting shows on 2 different internet radio stations for 7 years, but this is a new and exciting chapter in my life, bringing my show to Phoenix Radio. My favourite artists include the Backstreet Boys, the bee Gees and Celine Dion, but I have a very wide music taste which I hope you will enjoy.


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