Jim McAuslan

Hi, I'm Jim and welcome to my page on Phoenix Radio 1208.

Hello lads and lassies. My name is Jim McAuslan and I live in the north of Scotland with my beautiful wife Denise who hails from Tennessee in the united states. I'm originally from Glasgow, described by many people as being no mean city.

I've been a music lover all my life and my oldest and dearest memories are of aunts and uncles playing their pop favourites of the era. So I've been listening to great music since I was knee-high to a banjo string.

I've always been involved with the arts since a young man. I worked in the East End of Glasgow with a large arts outfit where I got involved in the performing arts. This lead to performing with our drama group at the famous, or is that the infamous, Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Let's say that these were memorable visits but with large gaps in my memory...can't think why!

After University, I stayed put and studied philosophy and medieval history at the University of Glasgow and I returned to the arts.

I decided towards the end of the 90s to relocate to the north of Scotland and wound up in Findhorn which is a large sand bank that jutts out into the Moray Firth and I've been a very happy resident for more than 20 years now.

In that time I've been fortunate to have worked with the BBC as a researcher and I then worked in the public sector with an arts development agency which promoted the arts in the north of Scotland which took me to other beutiful parts of the country. However, this company went to the wall as a result of financial cut-backs.

So, that's me in a nutshell but not in a nut case!


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